The local experience


Following the local tradition, most Thai funerals conclude with cremations at the temple’s crematorium. Once cremated, the families can choose to keep the ashes in their homes, at the local temple, or have them scattered. Locally, the most common practice is scattering the ashes over the water as it is believed to help wash away bad luck and send the deceased off with peace. In the case of the death of foreign nationals, the family can also choose to have the ashes repatriated.


Cremation in Thailand

AsiaOne International, operating in the field for over 60 years, has a team of professionals who can guide you through every step of the local cremation process. Experienced with the procedures and formalities of organizing funerals and cremations in Thailand, our team members are ready to act on your behalf to arrange all documents, coordinate with all parties, and organize all rituals and services according to your requirements. We aim to simplify the complicated process for you and provide you the best experience possible.


Our cremation services include:

  • Complete document service
  • Liaison with all parties involved for cremation
  • Collection of the deceased from any location in Thailand
  • Collection of luggage and personal effects
  • Body preparation
  • Cremation coffin and urn
  • Liaison with temple for cremation
  • Faith rituals for all religious denomination
  • Flowers and wreaths
  • Memorial services and funeral ceremony

Direct Cremation

We also offer direct cremation services, a simple and affordable alternative to our fully integrated cremation services. Unrestricted by traditions, direct cremation is organized without formal funeral services providing families with a faster and lower-cost option while giving them more flexibility to bid their farewells without being tied to the formalities.


Our team is committed to taking care of the whole process without requiring any involvement of the families. Our services include obtaining the necessary documents and the collection and transportation of the deceased to the crematorium. Once cremated, families can choose to have the ashes scattered or safely return to them to keep or hold ceremonies according to their wishes.

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