Through decades of experience in the field, we thoroughly understand the difficulty of handling funeral arrangements, especially after losing a loved one. Offering a one-stop funeral solution, we will provide as much or as little as you require catering to your needs and budget, from arranging all related paperwork on your behalf to organizing ceremonies according to your religion and beliefs.


Our team of funeral operatives is multilingual and has strong multicultural awareness. We are experienced in arranging funerals for different cultures and beliefs. As a part of our funeral services, we can invite various religious representatives such as monks, priests, or rabbis to oversee the funeral rites.


Whether simple or grand, we aim to deliver the best arrangements to honor the memories of your loved one.

Our full-service funeral arrangement includes:

  • Collection of the deceased from hospital
  • Complete document service
  • Liaison with embassy and local authorities
  • Death Certification obtainment and translation
  • Embalming and corpse cosmetologist
  • Coffin and urn
  • Flowers and wreaths
  • Funeral and memorial services arrangement
  • Options for cremation or repatriation of body or ashes

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In-house Facilities

At our headquarters, we facilitate all aspects of funeral services. We are the only funeral home in Thailand with a private chapel room where families can invite religious representatives of their faith to perform funeral rites.


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Cremation Services

Following the local tradition, we will guide you through the process of local cremation. Once cremated, families can choose to have the ashes scattered, buried, or repatriated.


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