Pre-planning your funeral gives you peace of mind that it will be organized according to your needs. You can rest assured that everything is taken care of in advance, from the funeral cost to your final wishes, easing the financial burden on your loved ones and saving them from stressful decisions during difficult times.


We have different funeral plans designed to meet your individual requirements. You can choose as many or as few options as you wish, from the style of your funeral ceremonies to your body disposition arrangements post-funeral. Our team of funeral operatives is experienced in catering to different religions and beliefs.


Pre-paid funeral plans also allow you to financially prepare for your funeral costs. You have the options to pay in full for immediate coverage or spread the cost by paying with installments. Your funeral plan will be charged at today’s price to ensure that you will be protected against rising funeral costs and inflation in the future.


Why pre-plan a funeral

Choose how you are remembered

Whether you want simple or grand arrangements, having a funeral plan gives you peace of mind that your funeral and your body disposition will be arranged according to your wishes.

Give you more time to plan

Like any important decision in life, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. Pre-planning your funeral allows you more time to plan as many details as you would like.

Prevent financial pressure on your family

You can ensure that all your funeral costs will be taken care of ahead of time so that your loved one can focus on healing without the financial pressure.

Protection against rising costs and inflation

Whether you choose to pay in full or with installments, your cost will be locked in today’s rate. Planning your budget ahead of time can save you money.

Peace of mind for your loved ones

When the time comes, your loved ones will know exactly how to honor your wishes. By planning your funeral, you can save them from the stress of making tough decisions during emotional times.

AsiaOne International Pre-paid funeral plan

Our pre-paid funeral plans are designed to give you the selection of options that work best for you. You can choose a funeral plan according to your requirements and budget, which may include the following options:


  • Collection of body from hospital
  • Complete document service
  • Liaison with embassies and local authorities
  • Death Certification obtainment and translation
  • Embalming and corpse cosmetologist
  • Coffin for ceremony, cremation, or repatriation
  • Funeral services including religious ceremony, flowers, and wreaths
  • Post-funeral arrangement options:
    • Cremation and scattering, handover, or burial of ashes
    • Cremation and repatriation of ashes
    • Body delivery within Thailand
    • International repatriation of body
  • Will storage and management

Why choose AsiaOne International

  • Trusted since 1954

With over 60 years of experience in the field, we are honored to have created beautiful and memorable funeral services for thousands of families from around the world.


  • Family-own, corporate-managed

As a family-owned business, our services are personal. We are committed to providing professional support and care to give you and your loved ones the best experience possible.


  • Global and local network

Proven as trustworthy, we have well-established relationships with local and international authorities as well as funeral associates. We also partner with reputable lawyers to provide advice on will-writing and estate administration.


  • Services tailored for you

While we offer fully integrated services for funerals and repatriations, we also offer tailored services that best suit you economically and emotionally.



Contact us for a free consultation. Our consultants are here to answer your questions and further discuss your options.