Incorporated in 1954, Teck Hong Funeral was a coffin manufacturer and supplier before venturing into the field of international repatriations. Teck Hong Funeral, known as AsiaOne International today, is the first company in Thailand to offer international repatriation services and a pioneer in the field of Repatriation of Mortal Remains (RMR).


The second generation

In 1987, Hirun Thurdnampetch, a graduate of Business Studies from North Eastern University in Boston, became the second generation to lead the business after his father. Establishing strong connections with airlines, embassies, insurance companies, and hospitals, Hirun and his wife, Jessica Thurdnampetch, has expanded the global network for the company immensely. They also have close ties with many funeral directors overseas who help support AsiaOne International repatriation services.

The present

Presently, AsiaOne is thriving under the management of the third generation, Roongroj and Janejira Thurdnampetch. Roongroj, an architecture graduate from UC Berkeley, has been focusing on business development for the growth of the company’s presence and leading the coffin distribution section. While Janejira, an international business graduate from Taiwan, spent a year managing the Phuket branch after returning home from her studies. During her time there, she was in charge of undertaking the 2018 Phuket boat capsizing crisis. She liaised with the local authorities and the families of the victims, of which the majority are Chinese, to organize funerals and international repatriations. Gaining firsthand operational experience in the field, Janejira has been relocated to AsiaOne International headquarters as the head of funeral and international repatriation services to further the company’s operation readiness.


The current generation helming the business is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards set by their predecessors and further strengthening AsiaOne International’s presence in the business of funeral and international repatriation.