In-house facilities

AsiaOne International headquarters, situated in central Bangkok, is a one-stop destination for all funeral and repatriation needs. Situating within proximity with all the embassies and local authorities, our team can work fast to obtain and arrange paperwork as well as coordinate with related parties on behalf of our clients to deliver swift and seamless services.


Our 4-story modern and spacious building not only acts as our workplace but also as a place for our clients to plan their loved ones’ repatriation or to perform religious rites as a part of the funeral services.

Our headquarters features:


Chapel room

AsiaOne International is the only funeral home in Thailand with a private chapel room. Facilitating all religions and beliefs, families can invite religious representatives of their faith such as monks, priests, or rabbis to perform funeral rites.

Showroom for coffins and urns

Established in 1954 as a coffin manufacturer, we honor our company’s origin with a showroom for coffins and urns within our headquarters. Our coffins and caskets are manufactured in-house by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience.

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Funeral Arrangement

We provide a one-stop funeral solution catered to your needs and budget, from arranging related paperwork to organizing ceremonies according to your religion and beliefs.


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Cremation Services

Following the local tradition, we will guide you through the process of local cremation. Once cremated, families can choose to have the ashes scattered, buried, or repatriated.


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